"Fuel Your Crew
With Our Caffeine Brew!" ™

Pit Stop Coffee Fuels L.A's Events and Studio Productions, 24/7

Pit Stop Coffee fuels LA’s events & studio productions, 24/7. Our delivery & set-up services keep your crew moving, holding areas happy and event attendees attentive! We provide everything from simple coffee & donuts, to gourmet fruit & cheese platters!

Since 2007, we’ve delivered and set-up ON TIME, to meetings, events, studio production locations and craft services on set. If you have a small breakfast meeting, large work crew or an event with 3000 people, we can set-up multiple stations, each with a different menu!


large scale coffee service for film crews and production teams
catering delivery on a film set in L.A.
on location coffee and food catering delivery 24/7

We can set up multiple stations, with
different options

Office Meetings

Event Attendees

Studio Audience

Production Crew

Talent Green Rooms

Craft Service Drop-off

Contestant & Background Holding

Simple options for every budget

Coffee & Tea Service

Classic Donuts

Bagels & Cream Cheese

Continental Breakfast

Gourmet Platters


(our most popular items)


Our #1 most popular blend! This French roast is rich and bold with notes of caramel and dark chocolate – perfect with a good old-fashioned donut!


Our darkest roast, with low acidity. This smoky, rich blend is intense. Similar to the smoky tire burnout on the racetrack, this “Drag Race” will end with a smooth finish!


Just like a good bourbon, this medium roast has a sweet vanilla aroma and it’s well balanced with a creamy finish.


For those who don’t need a jump-start, this smooth and balanced medium / dark roast will keep you cruising at a steady pace.
English Breakfast
Premium Green
Lemon Ginger
Earl Grey
Orange Spice
Green & White
Jasmine Green
Chai Spice





Our #1 most popular food item, prepared fresh and hot each morning.
These soft, delicious beauties are individually wrapped and packed in a
classic pink box. These are THE BEST assorted donuts within 100 miles!





Fresh and hot from the oven each morning, this amazing assortment is individually wrapped and boxed per dozen (may include the following:
Plain, Sesame, Onion, Everything, Poppy, Garlic, Egg, Salt, Blueberry, Pumpernickel, Cinnamon Raisin, Whole Wheat, Chocolate Chip…)

Good luck finding better bagels on the West Coast – it ain’t happening!



Fresh Fruit w/ Seasonal Berries

Veggies w/ Ranch Dressing

Assorted Pastries (Danish / Muffins / Scones / Croissants…)

Gourmet Cheeses w/ Fruit Garnish & Crackers




We work with the best in the business

We strive to earn our clients’ business by providing excellent service, for a great value! Since 2007, we have provided several thousand services to LA’s film & television industry, events, corporate offices and organizations. 

We also deliver high-volume fresh-brewed coffee directly to event caterers and craft service professionals on location.

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